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Wireless and Telecommunications Consulting Services

Founded in 1996, Wireless Networks Group, Inc. has provided a wide variety of wireless and other types of network consulting services to Wireless and Fixed Network Operators, Cable and Broadband Operators, Public Safety Entities, Telco's, Municipalities, Commerical Real Estate Owners, the General Services Administration (GSA), independant Tower Companies, Home Owners Associations and Investment Firms.  Our Consulting services cover a wide range of disciplines including: RFI and RFP development and evaluation, Long-Term Strategy Development, Vendor Contract negotiations, along with the Specification and Management of Project Procurement and Implementation procedures.

Our engineers have been directly involved with and have produced wireless network designs for evolving access technologies since the early 1980's, when Advanced Mobile Phone Services (AMPS or 1G) was originally delpoyed in the Baltimore/Washington Metropolitan Statistical Area (BAWA MSA).  Since that time, we have continued to design and deploy 2G, TDMA/GSM/CDMA, 3G, 4G and currently 5G access technologies within the United States and in several markets in Europe. Our Design process services include Propagation Modeling and Site Selection Analysis, Site Survey Evaluation and Approval, Development of Site Testing Criteria, Frequency Planning, Traffic Analysis, Capacity Planning and Network Optimization.

Please Contact Us and we would be happy to discuss your specific Consulting needs and how we may assist you.
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