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High Frequency Communication for Government, Emergency Ops, NGO's and Industry

Threats to deny or degrade Cellular/PCS, Satellite communications and GPS timing have continued to grow for years.  These threats come from a variety of sources including hostal governments, hacking and the ever growing threat of debris in space.  Communictions without the benefit of GPS timing and other space-based capabilities create scenarios where agencies may be unable to "operate through" short term or catastrophic losses of fundamental space-based capabilities and their effects to wireless and other communications networks and the Internet.

Over the past several decades, the reliance on space based capabilities and the Internet have diluted the preceived need for time tested and proven medium and long-distance communication links via High Frequency (HF) communications links.  These proven methods of communication were the backbone of the developing world over the past 100 years. In addition to extensive use by the Military, Embassies, Corporations and NGO's worldwide, these organizations widely utilized HF links for their communications between dispersed locations.

While the current generation of engineers view this communications medium as antiquated and no longer valid, we have witnessed a loss of the expertise necessary to implement this legacy method of communication.  Our Consultants have decades of experience in this communication medium and the expertise to implement these types of specialized communications facilities thru engagements during the Cold War in the Unted States and Europe.

Please Contact Us and we would be happy to discuss your specific HF Communications needs and how we may assist you.

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